Chef’s Oven, Chief of Bakeries

We are the dream of producing hand, born from knowledge!
Emir TEKNİK, which has transformed into a strong and reliable BRAND with this dream, has crowned its long years of service and industry knowledge with chef aven ovens with continuously developing technology.

Our Technology

We Serve You Our Customers With Our Latest Technology Machines

Functional Panel

Cook your product with a single click

Functional Panel

All product cooking degrees can be programmed and then you can cook your desired product with a single click.

Hermetic Burner

Min. with energy, high efficiency.

Hermetic Burner

Our technology that catches the degree fast in our natural gas furnaces and saves fuel compared to other burners


The cooking air of the oven is under control


Our technology that adjusts the cooking air of the baked product


Emir Teknik As

We have achieved many successes in this sector for more than 25 years. During these years, we have learned and used our knowledge and experience in these state-of-the-art machines. It has never been so easy to cook your products with our unlimited infrastructure and programmable systems we offer to our customers …

Customer happiness 95%
Functionality 89%
Technical Service 97%
Accessibility 90%


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